Our Art-works at home


  • The picture you take must be adapted to the format (size) of the simulator; it must be taken in front, with a relative visual reference (“visual cue”) that will allow you to adjust its size to the scale of the art-Works.
  • Once you have saved picture on your computer, you can upload it on this page by clicking on the button in the section "Upload your image".

  • Your photo is now displayed in the simulator; you can then stretch it with your mouse, to adjust the size of your "visual cue" to the scale available to you. (For instance your sofa is 2 meters long; adjust your picture so that the sofa fits the 2 meters with the help of the marks)
  • You can now select an artist from the "Artist Selection" box and move the art-Work to your photo. Works are already at the right scale!

Upload your image

Photo témoin

Artist selection

Your screen size is not suitable for the use of our simulator !

You can only use it on a screen of more than 900 pixels.