La Haye des Arts

La Haye des Arts,

It is an original Franco-Dutch project to sell and disseminate contemporary art. Sophie in The Hague and Eric in Aix en Provence decided to “commercialize art in a different way” with the idea of ​​bringing together the artists’ offer and the demands of collectors. “Art managing partner”, created in September 2016, displays on its site the creators it selects and goes to meet potential buyers. Their digital gallery allows to discover the works of a collection which present for the moment the work of two artists and has a vocation to become international. A meeting can then be planned in France or the Netherlands. Sophie and Eric move at home or within companies to present their catalog and advise their clients on investment matters. With them, not an unthinkable truck filled with large-format canvases, but an overhead projector to look at the works under a magnifying glass. They thus project small films detailing each painting put on sale: materials, colors, aspects, reliefs. A new alternative to buy art. You can then see on their Facebook page, the tables arrived safely to their buyers and the new walls where they find place!

27 March 2017