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    What you see is the result of many stages and styles I went through in the years. I started to draw on the kitchen wall of my parents’ villa in Tuscany and from there I have experienced many surfaces to improve my creativity. Starting from simple drawings I worked as a cartoonist, interior decorator and illustrator for children’s books.
    My painting enclose the harmonious co-existence of all those different styles, combined with my ongoing experimentation in use of materials. The result is an art that amplifies the happy feeling through huge dimensions of subjects on canvas, bright colours and a powerful fusion of brush strokes and graphic lines.
    In short:
    Born in Livorno, Tuscany, Italy in 1975
    Studied Political Science in Florence
    Scuola Internazionale di Illustrazione di libri per bambini, Sarmede, Treviso
    Moved to The Netherlands in 2003
    Full time painter and currently painting the Civilized Animals Series and Fashion Crossovers.

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    Lucia Rafanelli