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    I have - since my beginnings in watercolor - oriented my painting on the work on the motif for a refined representation of the real with very fast work on plasters and pronounced pronounced in oil and acrylic. Always attracted by the painting of "gesture and chance", I have for my creations a necessity of fast execution of the dough for mixtures of colors on the painting. I am currently conducting original works on matter and painting. They are based on a search for abstract colored keys where the line, the shape or the hollow respond. The raised reliefs create sets of lights and contrasts that the gloss varnish comes to increase. My paintings can be interpreted as landscapes in relief or even simplifications of objects of which only the color code or the colored imprint would remain. Thus some paintings are the result on strips or colored shapes of an object, a landscape or an observed scene.

    Mixture of ocher and acrylic, my creations mix the work of wood, plaster and relief paint supported by a varnished finish. On a medium plate of very varied thickness and format, I stick pieces of wood cut. These wooden elements are simply split into the wooden yarn to obtain random shapes depending on the density of the rings, the presence of knots or sometimes micro - defects. I then apply a very adherent coating, mixture of pigment and sand and binder (modeling). Then comes the structuring of the color with the acrylic applied to the spatula. Highly instinctive and rapidly executed, color mixing is based on complementary overlays, vibrations of tones and vivid values.

    "Band color" are assemblages of wooden plates of all different shapes arranged in close series. Research focuses on the application and mixing of acrylic paint to produce color vibrations. Wood slats can punctuate dots and shapes. The thickness of the blade and the play of the shadows increase the perception of contrasts and give the impression that the color floats on the surface.

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