David Louis Doerler

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    Originally from eastern France, DLD began his career as a painter at the age of 13. His great uncle Pierre Michel, artist, then gives him his work bases. His first exhibition a few months later, won him the title of youngest painter of the region. Always in search of his style, he tries for many years to many techniques of painting and sculpture. Arrived in Normandy in 1994, he stopped painting for two years. It is by chance that he discovers on a coffee filter the streaks and colors left by this one. Very interested, he gets back to work very quickly. After several months of research and testing, he finally released his first models. An exhibition will be organized to show part of his new collection to the public. This meeting will be decisive, several works are very quickly acquired by many collectors. Certain personalities such as Mylène Farmer, Isabelle Huppert or Linda Lemay, possess one of the models. The color always mixed with coffee, as well as his work on movement and matter give him this style so peculiar. Today, this matter remains one of its preoccupations. The works have evolved on new supports such as slate or metal. All this is grafted with light to "sublimate the colors".

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