Carole Pavio

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Carole PAVIO, born in Lorraine in 1980, lives and works in the south of France since 2002. Passionate about art and design since her childhood, it is in 1991 that Carole PAVIO takes his first courses of watercolor and in 1998 Her art therapy courses that will lead her to a minimalist, geometric abstract style.
Its signature is this structured materiality with preeminence of lines whose strength transports you into a sensitive and luminous universe. Listed DROUOT, awarded in France and internationally by Academies, Carole also received the Prix PICASSO in 2015 in Cannes.
A generous and committed artist, she was Cultural Ambassador of the Unesco Network 06-PACA for 2 years and is the sponsor of the French Association CRIGLER-NAJJAR since 2014.
Carole explores the strong themes of life; In his image his works are dynamic, joyful and luminous. His variations, through his "collections", convey his message in subtlety: a humility full of audacity and a delicacy full of strength.

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Carole Pavio